Watermark 2

Watermark 2

Continuity and Flexibility

The space responds to the client’s desire to change how he entertains, from an intimate evening to a blowout party.  Originally three separate units, this condominium has been combined into one cohesive residence.  Our primary design goal was to provide spatial continuity with the previous construction, not merely superficial material sameness.

The design utilizes a primary circulation spine that is articulated by a floating ceiling of ash boards above and a basalt floor bound in bronze below.  This axis provides order to the primary public spaces, while private spaces (bedrooms and bathrooms) are concealed behind thickened walls and functional buffers.  Previously demised rooms have now been opened and expanded to increase the views of the city below.

The public spaces are multifunctional and truly convertible, including pivoting doors that close off zones to enlarge the guest suite, wood paneled walls that mechanically flip to expose speakers like the headlights of a Corvette, televisions that lift out of furniture with the touch of a button, surround sound that is hidden behind acoustical fabric ceilings and entire walls of LED lighting that can be adjusted from serene illumination to a festive scene.


Photography by Ben Benschneider