Restore and Reinvent

A three story, 14,000 square foot house from the 1920’s was transformed after years of neglect. Originally a single story house with two dark basements, we physically interconnected the floors with shafts flooded with daylight. The house had to provide for the needs of a large family, so the disparate rooms were opened up and reordered. The kitchen was flipped to the opposite wing of the house to take better advantage of the view and integrate with a new breakfast area and large family room. In the place of the former Kitchen, a two story library was created with an upper ambulatory and skylight that brings light to the first basement.

During the project, we discovered treasures that were long forgotten like the Lalique light fixtures buried in the lower bedrooms. We repurposed them on the living room wall giving a lyrical smile to the room.

Virtually every surface was touched due to the magnitude of structural and waterproofing repairs but yet the finished house remains true to its roots as it welcomes a new generation.


Photography by Ben Benschneider