Cloistered and Bucolic

This elemental architectural design is comprised with two volumes that are pushed to the perimeter with a third bridge-like perpendicular floor above. The result is a protected living pavilion that is the introverted focus of adjacent rooms. However, it is also directly connected to the lush landscape of the golf course beyond. At the lowest below-grade level, a central 20’ x 20’ pond becomes a mirror to the sky for the adjacent guest and family rooms.

Materials extend from the interior to the exterior, blurring the delineation between indoors and the landscape. Massive stacked stone walls intentionally contrast with tensile steel columns which flirt with the limits of technology. These contrasts continue with minimal steel stairs that span between the three stories providing introspective views of the interior courtyard and water feature below. An architectural promenade of bridges, pathways and stairs looks back to where one has been essentially establishing an indelibly protected space.

Tyler Engle Architects’ design services on this project included architecture, interior design, art curation as well as custom light fixtures, furniture and accessories.

Out of respect for the homeowner’s privacy, we are not able to include images of the completed house.